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Customer Loyalty Measurement
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Welcome to SCR, where research services provide precise information for our commercial and retail clients especially through advertising effectiveness evaluation.

"Strategic" is the first word in our name and rightly so. SCR offers a full complement of research services which provide our commercial and retail clients with the information they need in order to make strategic decisions vital to their success.   What makes those services work best is the basic tenet behind every SCR project: market research must be customer-driven. Simply put, that means input from our clients provides an integral part of every project.

At SCR we concentrate on customer loyalty measurement, customer trust measurement, customer satisfaction measurement, and market performance assessment. Our main tools are telephone surveys, focus groups, and web polls; we stress image assessment and awareness, advertising effectiveness, competitive positioning, market performance, new product evaluations, new concept testing, shopping patterns, and site selections. We are constantly doing both qualitative and quantitative research through focus groups, mail surveys, internet surveys, and one-on-one in-depth interviews.

Customer Relationship Diagnostics, the measurement technology available exclusively from SCR, Inc., has been validated though 10 years of development and field testing work.
The inescapable factor behind CR Diagnostics is this:

Customer Loyalty is a function of Customer Trust, Value, and Satisfaction. 
Those are the three critical building blocks of deep loyal relationships. 
    Many companies measure CSAT.
    Some companies measure Value.
    Very few companies measure Trust.
    Virtually no companies measure all three.

Until now there was no effective alternative to pursuing customer loyalty through customer satisfaction.  Based on what CR Diagnostics now illuminates, we expect customer satisfaction to phase out as the key measure of building and maintaining profit-making customer relationships.

What sets us apart is our special ability to help clients identify, prioritize, and structure projects for cost-effective information. SCR, Inc., is skilled and experienced in all facets of research design and implementation for national, regional, and highly localized projects.

We have been dedicated to providing this ultimate level of professional competence since 1982.  Dedication is the driving force. We listen to you, we learn from you, we partner with you, structuring each assignment to generate the information you determine you need most.

For national, regional, and highly localized projects:

SCR, Inc., provides the means to identify, prioritize, and structure projects for cost - effective information through the use of: image assessment, advertising effectiveness, competitive positioning, new concept testing, telephone surveys, focus groups, web polls, customer satisfaction measurement, advertising effectiveness evaluation, new product and service evaluation, shopping patterns and site selections, market performance assessment, market segmentation, and public opinion polls. For those companies reaching the limits of what pursuing customer satisfaction can attain, CR Diagnostics provides the ideal next step.

SCR can help you 
find what you need quickly and easily.

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